Testing: Deity Supracush Bike Grips

While replacing my tires I also have the need to replace my very worn grips.  The local shop only had the Deity Supracush in stock, so that’s what I’ll be testing out!

I’ve been using them now for a couple of months and so far I’m really liking them.  Full review soon.

Testing out Moreok Mountain Biking Gloves

My gloves have been super worn and I’ve desperately needed new ones. Stopped by a couple of bike shops and found the selection to be very limited, and very overpriced. So naturally my next stop was Amazon, where I found these Moreok gloves, one pair at about $7.00 and the other at $15.

It’s so hot here right now that I’m using two pairs of gloves per ride. One pair I use on the sweaty climb. The second pair I use on the downhill to insure I have a clean and solid grip.

So far the gloves are well worth the money and have more padding than my previous gloves.  We’ll see how long they last. Stay tuned for a possible follow-up report on that.