I was in a small avalanche

Had an interesting experience skiing at Alta Ski Area today. I was out in the boonies like I normally am. I stopped on a hillside where I was plotting the next run of deep powder I was going to take. I felt a poof above me and thought a skier was going by, but it wasn’t. Then I realized I was in a small avalanche. It hit me in the back and covered me up to about my waist, and went on by down the hill. Check out these two photos. Notice in the first photo way up below/right of the tree in the middle, you can see where the snow broke away. The 2nd photo was looking downhill. I’d say it was probably 20 feet wide by the time it hit me, and it probably traveled 150 yards. The most interesting, concerning, notable thing was that it was absolutely silent. I had no clue it was coming.

The avalanche came from above. Look closely where the snow breaks away.

I’m fine. Just had some snow covering my skis and legs. But had that been heavier and/or deeper snow, there may have been an issue.