Quest for 116 – Century Mark at Alta Ski Area

Though I’ve posted quite a bit about backcountry skiing, I’m an off-piste resort skier mostly at this point.  I grew up skiing Alta Ski Area here in northern Utah.  I even took lessons from, and skied many times with, Alf Engen.  That explains my incredibly beautiful form (yeah, right).

This winter (2019-2020) I’m in much better physical shape and have been skiing more than any year in my entire life. It has been fantastic.  I made a goal this ski season to ski every marked run Alta. There are 116 of them, 55% of them black diamond rating for advanced skiers.

After knocking off about 5 more runs yesterday, I reached the century mark!  I’ve skied 100 of the 116 as of Feb 10, 2020.  Below is a resort map with pink highlights for each run I’ve done this season.

When I get home after each ski day, I sit down at my desk with my pink highlighter and mark the runs I did that day.

I’ve got about 16 more to go, but some of these may be difficult to cross off the list.  A couple of areas are not open that often, like the Baldy Chutes and East Castle. I’ve not seen East Castle open yet this season. That one will take skinning, side stepping, or boot packing to get to the top.

I’ll be back at it this weekend, tying to bust out a few more of the marked runs.  I’ve captured video for many of the runs and will post here and on my YouTube channel.

Stay tuned and see you on the slopes.

26 inches of snow in 24 hours at Utah’s Solitude Mountain Resort

Had some great fresh powder at Solitude Mountain Resort today. My old GoPro battery only lasted a few minutes, but I was able to capture some turns before it died.

Near Death Experience Skiing

Ever have a near-death experience? This the right chute at Mt. Baldy, Alta Ski Area. I stop by now and then to thank my old friend for chewing me up and spitting me out ALIVE.

Mt. Baldy Chute

I’ve heard I was the only one who fell the entire way from top to bottom and survived. I skied away with only a dislocated shoulder many years ago. Thanks again, old friend…

Local Advantages

One advantage to being a local here in Utah is that the resorts are 25 minutes from my house. If the weather or conditions are crappy, I can bail and come back another day.   Tourists, on the other hand, don’t have a choice.

Today was a prime example.

Upon arriving at Alta, the conditions were snowy, foggy, and flat.  The flat part is the worst.  Not being able to see the bumps and contours on runs can be dangerous.

Tomorrow is another day.  And tomorrow hopefully the sun will be shining because I’ll be back at Alta to give it another shot.