First Look: Smith Vantage Men’s Snow Helmet

After about 50 years of skiing, it’s time I got a helmet. I have to many years of knowledge crammed into my cranium to risk a blow to the head now. For the job I’ve got a new Smith Vantage ski helmet.

I’ll be putting this helmet to good use backcountry skiing and downhill skiing this spring and next fall/winter, then posting my full review then.

Stay tuned.

First Look: Armada ARV JJ Powder Skis

This winter has been epic. Massive amounts of powder have given me the itch to pick up new gear, and super-wide powder skis have been on my shopping list for awhile. I’m now the proud owner of a set of Armada ARV JJ skis with Armada bindings.

I was able to try these wide boards out once in spring conditions, not powder. Not optimal but I had to try them before the snow melted. I’ll be putting these into play as soon as the powder hits for the 2019-2020 season, and posting a review soon.

Stay tuned, so to speak.