First Look: Yoziss Goggles with Interchangeable Magnetic Lenses

I just received some new SG73 snow goggles from Yoziss for review. I used them this past Saturday and Sunday during some sunny bluebird weather, which also included some high winds.

The goggles come with two magnetic lenses, one for bright light and one for low light. The lenses are easily swapped, by just pulling them off. No latches, unlike my Smith 4D Mag goggles. I’ll post a short video demoing the magnetic lenses soon. Since it was so sunny this weekend I used the bright light lenses. The lenses performed great. They reduced the glare and brightness and kept my eyes comfortable, even in very bright light.

I’m also very happy with the fit and comfort of these. They seal well and the thick padding is comfortable on my face. They’re also sharp looking. I dig the colors of the lenses.

So far I’m thrilled with my new goggles. I can’t believe how reasonable the price is. They’re under $70. My comparable Smith goggles were 4-5x that price!